A Day of Ideas: TEDxWinchester 2023

Reimagine the future at TEDxWinchester 2023. Explore diverse ideas and save £18 with our exclusive discount. Get your ticket now!

A Day of Ideas: TEDxWinchester 2023

The TEDx community in Winchester is eagerly awaiting its annual gathering, set to take place on June 17th, 2023.

Following the overwhelming success of the 2022 edition, TEDxWinchester promises a day filled with thought-provoking discussions and ideas that could reshape our world.

Members of the Inspiration Space community (that's you! 🫵) can save £18 on a full-priced ticket with an exclusive discount providing 25% off.

Reimagine the future

This year's theme 'REIMAGINE,' gives you the opportunity to challenge your perspective, level up your goals and gain a deeper understanding of our world.

TEDxWinchester invites speakers from an array of disciplines including design, technology, business, climate change activism, sustainability, education and journalism.

You won't want to miss the ideas worth spreading, all based on their unique experiences and expertise.

Inspiration Space Founder, Liana Fricker, on stage at TEDxWinchester 2022

Meet the speakers

Each of these individuals will bring their unique perspective to the table, sharing ideas that might just change the world.

  • Dale Lane, a software developer for IBM and advocate for Machine Learning for Kids.
  • Georgie Palmer, a broadcast journalist, communication skills specialist & media coach, and autism advocate.
  • Lauren Ingram, a marketing leader and founder of Women of Web3.
  • Natalie Welch, a strong woman, St Michael’s Hospice Ambassador, co-founder of The Typeface Group, and Bcorp Leader.
  • Onyinye Udokporo, an entrepreneur, educator, dyslexic author, neurodiversity consultant, and content creator.
  • Professor Chris Jackson, a Director of Sustainable Geoscience at Jacobs and Visiting Professor of Basin Analysis at Imperial College London.
  • Rebecca Smith, owner of Open House Deli, a sustainably led cafe and eco store.
  • Shadi Ganjavian-Connor, an adventurer, philanthropist, and working mum.
  • Simon Terry, Business Leader at Anglepoise®.
  • Stuart Evans, an environmental philosopher and the founder and director of the Environmental Alliance Project CIC.

The event starts at 10:00 with a welcome from TEDxWinchester organiser, Jan Carlyle, followed by the three main sessions, each bursting with enlightening talks.

Look forward to a lunch break at 13:30, which provides time to reflect and network before diving back into the final session, with the event wrapping up at 16:00.

Considerations for parents and carers

To support parents and carers, you can share your ticket with a partner or friend at no extra cost. This allows one person to watch the first half of the day and another to engage with the second half.

Alternatively, consider booking a Bubble babysitter to ease childcare needs while you enjoy the event.

Join the journey! Get your tickets today

Get ready to engage in thought-provoking discussions and meet like-minded individuals.

Let's reimagine together and create a platform for change in our community and beyond.

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