A New Beginning

Ready to leap forward with new Inspiration Space? We've reimagined our services to be more ambitious, effective and get you where you want to be.

A New Beginning

Are you ready to take a leap forward with the brand new Inspiration Space? We have been working hard to remodel what we provide for you to make it more powerful, more ambitious and more effective in getting you where you want to be.

Everything you already love about Inspiration Space remains, but we’ve dialled up the resources available to you and the technology we use to deliver them. Now we can offer tailored business support, educational programmes and community under one roof, available on-demand.

Building on a core belief that opening our minds is genuine empowerment, we’re here to fire up the entrepreneurial spirit that keeps our world progressing.

Our new logo and brand

Created for us by the talented team at This Works, we are thrilled to reveal our brand new look.

Inspired by brand archetypes the ‘Creator’ and ‘Outlaw,’ the logo is open and full of space. The colour palette simple, yet striking.

Lead by Creative Director and Founder, Siobhan Frost, This Works have brought to life our higher purpose to ensure every entrepreneur has an equal shot at success.

Game changing team

Give a warm, official, welcome to our two Entrepreneurs-in-Residence: Pam Iannotti and Nigel Scarfe. Pam and Nigel have been supporting members throughout lockdown and from January 2021, are available for 1:1 mentoring, business model tuning and funding support.

Pam is a portfolio entrepreneur and former venture capitalist. She is here to drive ambition and help you transform your business. Recently awarded Honorary Fellowship by the Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, Pam is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Winchester Business School.

Nigel is on hand with his financial expertise to help you scale and thrive. A board-level industry leader and Champion for women in business, Nigel is a steady hand who will help you achieve sustainable revenue growth.

IS Founder, Liana Fricker, continues to lead the community as Inspirer-in-Chief, helping members push the boundaries of their ideas for maximum cut through and
delight. A natural at spotting opportunities, Liana connects members with the people and resources they need to progress forward.

As a team, they each play to their own strengths and contribute unique talents into the mix.

Everything you need, under one roof

Available via desktop now and, in early 2021, mobile app, the IS portal is the engine of the community. Full stack support for isolated Founders, this powerful platform community, event booking, insights, news and knowledge all together in one place.

Members can register and attend online events all within the portal. No more searching the inbox for Zoom links or missing what’s on. When we’re able to meet again safely offline, you can search by Town or venue.

Search for other members by skill, expertise or location. The Knowledge Centre is where you’ll find industry insights, inspiration, news and bitesize courses from world class providers.

Private groups have been created for focused conversation between peers. Here you can let down your guard and get support from likeminded people who understand what you’re going through.

Tailored support

In the New Year, we will offer four new membership levels: Explore. Build. Accelerate. Scale Up.

Created in response to feedback and tailored to support members in the community with ambitions to grow, Inspiration Space can now deliver maximum benefits whatever stage your business is at.

We are committed to keeping the Inspiration Space affordable. Our team is clear that being able to spend £££ on 1:1 coaching or co-working groups shouldn’t mean one person gets to be
over another. Working for yourself is tough, and this year has especially, been a corker.

The first level, Explore, is free and active for 180 days.

This is for exploring entrepreneurship or turning a side hustle into something more. On this level, you have access to community meet-ups and the Explore group on the portal where you can network, learn and build confidence.

Build is for actively growing or pivoting your business.

Overcome challenges faster with 1:1 support from Nigel and Pam, ‘Power Hours’ with Liana, all the experiences you know and love PLUS access to the Knowledge Centre and Resources on the IS portal and priority registration for New Beginnings, our 90-day business transformation and execution programme.

Accelerate unleashes the full potential of your business.

Work in small groups and 1:1 with our in-house mentors. Learn how to create high performing teams, experiment with new technology and take deep dives into emerging markets.

Scale Up helps you put plans and funding in place.

Hit full throttle and take a quantum leap in growth. Access hands-on support with funding, productivity, new supply chains and global markets.

Make creativity work for you

The pandemic has been especially devastating for women’s businesses and we’re bringing our network of partners together to ensure we build back better to make a more diverse and equitable version of UK PLC.

This elevated offering is our way of demonstrating our commitment to breaking down barriers that stand in the way of success. Whether individual mindset, lack of experience, knowledge of sector or getting in front of the right people. Together, we can bounce back better.

Founding members of Inspiration Space are invited to join the portal from 7th December. If you’re not a member and interested in joining the community, apply now and you’ll be first in the queue when doors open on 13th January.