Progress Starts Here

Inspiration Space is built around the steadfast support and mentoring by three game changers: Liana, Pam and Nigel. Each plays to their own strengths and contributes unique talents into the mix.

Liana Fricker

Liana Fricker Inspiration Space business networking
Liana Fricker Founder Inspiration Space business network for startups and entrepreneurs

Liana is our Founder and Inspirer-in-Chief. With over 15 years experience helping big brands think outside of the box, Liana will help you push the boundaries of your idea for maximum cut through and customer delight.

Liana’s superpower: Connects you to the people and resources you need to progress forward.

Pam Iannotti

Pam Ianotti Entrepreneur and Lecturer, Inspiration Space business network

Pam is a portfolio entrepreneur and Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Winchester Business School. A retired Venture Capitalist, Pam is passionate about inspiring more women into digital enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Pam’s superpower: Drives your ambition and business growth by helping you re-imagine your customer.

Nigel Scarfe

Nigel Scarfe Industry Leader Inspiration Space business network for starups and entrepreneurs

Nigel is a board-level industry leader and champion for women in entrepreneurship. Nigel’s background in finance, positions him as a key broker to sources of funding for high growth businesses.

Nigel’s superpower: Helps you solve wicked problems around funding, leadership and sustainable revenue growth.