Adapt or Get Left Behind: Carbon Literacy for Marketers

Adapt or be left behind. Learn how Carbon Literacy can future-proof your career in marketing and combat climate change.

Adapt or Get Left Behind:  Carbon Literacy for Marketers
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The science is clear - business as usual is over. Marketers must adapt to the shift towards sustainability communications to remain relevant.

2023 is shaping up to be a year of great change and progress in addressing sustainability, as cross-industry collaborations are coming together to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

According to Deloitte's survey of top executives, 97% expect climate change to impact company strategy and operations. Nearly three quarters of businesses surveyed reported having increased their spending on these causes over the past year, with 19% citing increases as high as 20%.

As a business owner it's imperative to keep up with the latest trends and demands as the world changes. Marketers, in particular, must recognise the importance of sustainable practices and put carbon literacy at the heart of their marketing strategy.

The hidden cost of digital emissions

The collective use of power from digital initiatives is greater than the aviation industry. Our creativity and move to digital marketing initiatives is literally costing the earth.

A typical digital advertising campaign from a single advertiser can produce enough carbon dioxide to equal more than 160 round-trip flights between Paris and New York - an incredible amount of pollution. And an email marketing campaign sent to 100 people is the same as 67 flights between Amsterdam and Rome!

Adapt now or risk getting left behind

It is crucial for marketing partners to recognise the power of sustainable practices in maintaining strong relationships with consumers, clients, and investors. Businesses that lack the necessary skills to support sustainability initiatives will miss out on the growing demand for specialists who can.

Sustainable values are gaining momentum as the most sought-after marker of quality for consumers and investors alike. As a result, freelancers, consultants, and agency owners that prioritise environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices 'walk the walk' send an important signal that they have an eye on long-term success.

According to Jonathan Hall, Head of Sustainable Transformation at Kantar, "Companies must demonstrate ESG proficiency if they want the confidence and assurance that comes with being a future-oriented partner."

Sortlist's latest research found that almost all companies surveyed recognise sustainable topics as integral to delivering a profitable return on investment (ROI) from initiatives, with B2B services particularly pushing for bigger investments.

And with climate litigation and greenwashing fines exponentially growing, folks working in marketing, branding and content creation need to be well-versed in creating science-backed claims and ready to demonstrate how they already uphold them through tangible actions.

But by taking action towards sustainability in their marketing strategies, marketers can future-proof their careers and businesses while contributing to the greater good.

That's where Carbon Literacy comes in.

What is Carbon Literacy

Becoming 'Carbon Literate' means understanding how everyday activities can create greenhouse gas emissions and having the knowledge to reduce those emissions as an individual, a community, and an organisation.

Never greenwashed, this UN-recognised certification is a visual demonstration of your company's commitment to combatting climate change. Preferred by Patagonia, Rolls Royce, the BBC and more 🏆.

Carbon Literacy inspires climate action and provides knowledge and tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your personal life, workplace, and community.

Here are five reasons why the success of a marketing business requires Carbon Literacy accreditation:

Increased demand for sustainable marketing

With 90% of companies recognising the value of sustainability in their marketing strategy, businesses that lack accreditation risk falling behind in meeting the growing demand for sustainable marketing.

Higher demand among B2B services

B2B services plan to increase the budget for sustainable marketing in the coming years. Businesses that lack carbon literacy accreditation may miss opportunities to work with B2B clients.

Compliance with industry regulation

Recent changes in industry regulation have made it essential for businesses to ensure that their sustainability claims are credible and backed by actions. Businesses with carbon literacy accreditation can navigate these regulations with greater ease.

Avoidance of fines and penalties

Fines of 10% of global turnover for breaches of consumer law and fines of up to £300,000 for individuals breaching these regulations can be avoided with carbon literacy accreditation, which ensures that businesses have the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with regulations.

Brand Elevation

With consumers and B2B brands becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint, businesses with carbon literacy accreditation can use creative messaging to educate consumers on their sustainability efforts and build trust with their customers. This can lead to improved brand reputation and competitive advantage.

Now is the time to level up your skills, future-proof your career, and contribute to the greater good by putting carbon literacy at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Doing so will improve engagement with customers and stakeholders, resulting in cost savings and competitive advantage.

Companies that fail to recognise and adapt to the growing demand for sustainable marketing risk negative consequences for themselves and the planet.

The green industrial revolution is gaining momentum, so seize the opportunity to distinguish your brand and lead the way to a low-carbon future. Adapt now or risk being left behind.

The future is calling. Is your business ready to answer?

The green economy is well and truly underway. Join 50,000+ people committed to leading the next industrial revolution. Carbon Literacy with Inspiration Space is designed for founders, leaders, and teams who want to thrive in the new green economy.

Get up to speed quickly and take action immediately. Create a science-based plan to future-proof your business. Come away with accreditation from the Carbon Trust - the gold standard certification that Patagonia, Rolls Royce and the BBC use, know and trust.

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