Apple takes 'Nutrition Label' approach for data tracking

Apple's new "nutrition labels" for apps are shaking up privacy standards. What will this mean for small businesses? Get the latest updates here.

Apple takes 'Nutrition Label' approach for data tracking
Photo by Glen Carrie / Unsplash

Thanks to Inspiration Space member and Facebook ads strategist Karen Powell for alerting us to an essential change in Apple's iOS App store policy.

Last week, Apple posted new privacy "nutrition labels" on apps in the App Store to give users a look at how different apps stack up according to Apple's standards. This is part of a more significant battle between Apple and Facebook over Apple's efforts to tighten privacy rules, which Facebook argues could harm small businesses that benefit from ad tracking.

What does this mean for small businesses? According to Karen:

"Apple vs Facebook. It's on, and it's going to be big. With the release of iOS14, Apple will require that all apps in the App Store show a tracking permission prompt to users on updated devices. Think of this as a pop-up asking if you wish to track your actions. Now imagine how many people will say no.

This expected drop in data collection and sharing will affect Facebook Ads in reporting and optimisation, especially for small businesses. How great the effect remains to be seen. In 2020, a year when the "new normal" seems somewhat overused, it looks like we are approaching a new normal for Facebook Advertising.

Around the world, Facebook Ads Strategists are watching and waiting, but if this year has taught us anything, it's the knowledge that we are resilient and we will adapt. This could drive down CPMs as advertisers leave the platform. It could even be the playing field for large spenders vs freelancers (like me)."

If you're currently using Facebook or Instagram advertising or are planning to start in the New Year, Karen has a few tips that you can use to prepare:

  1. Start by verifying your website domain. The link with instructions and the response from Facebook is available here.
  2. Plan to use only 8 'Conversion Events.' Take a deep dive into this topic here.
  3. Hold on for the ride - it's going to be wild! Click here to read Axiom's comprehensive analysis.

The good news? With change comes opportunity.