Bet on Yourself with Maxine Laceby, Founder of Absolute Collagen

This is the story of Maxine Laceby, Founder of one of the UK's fastest-growing brands, Absolute Collagen. Find out how she bootstrapped her beauty biz from her kitchen...and with no experience.

Bet on Yourself with Maxine Laceby, Founder of Absolute Collagen

Welcome to Unfinished Business, a new podcast where we sit down with entrepreneurs who have overcome the challenges of starting a company, and the secrets to keeping it alive.

In this episode of Unfinished Business, you'll meet Maxine Laceby, Founder of Absolute Collagen.

Maxine's entrepreneurial journey began unexpectedly when she started a fine art degree at 49 and conducted an experiment to strip herself bare of makeup and hair color, realising how insecure she felt about her looks. This was the start of her journey towards self-discovery, leading her to explore and understand more about self-acceptance and wellness.

Inspired by the bone broth trend, Maxine started making her own and noticed her overall wellbeing improving. The key ingredient in her broth was collagen, which sparked the idea for Absolute Collagen.

Despite having no formal business or technology background, Maxine conducted extensive research on collagen and sought the help of scientists to develop her product. The result? One of the fastest growing beauty brands in the UK.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Identifying market gaps and innovating solutions sets the bedrock for entrepreneurial success and strategic planning remains indispensable, regardless of whether your business is scaling up or facing challenges.

  • Harnessing personal strengths and abilities fuels effective problem-solving in business.

  • Cultivating a culture of continual learning and experimentation is pivotal for sustainable growth.

  • Risk-taking and personal sacrifices often serve as stepping stones in the journey of entrepreneurship.

  • Reinvesting profits back into your venture is a testament to a commitment to long-term growth and prosperity.

  • Haste makes waste: Approaching crucial business decisions with ample time and reflection can result in more balanced and sound judgement.

  • Embracing the ethos of continuous learning and adaptability is paramount for business growth and success.

  • Customer-focused growth coupled with sustainable scaling should be the cornerstone of your business strategy.

  • Personal authenticity and adherence to core values can significantly impact the perception and success of your brand.