BrainGym: Are You Next?

It's only been two weeks and BrainGym has already redefined the trajectory of many entrepreneurial journeys. Are you next?

BrainGym: Are You Next?
Photo by Gabrielle Henderson / Unsplash

It's been an exhilarating two weeks since BrainGym launched, and the results have been nothing short of transformative.

Led by Caroline Kay, our in-house Positive Intelligence Coach and Founder of Vincita, we've created this 8-week experience as part of our collective commitment to supporting the success of our Founders.

Cohort 1: A Journey of Discovery and Growth

Members of our inaugural cohort are experiencing monumental shifts that are not only amplifying their intrinsic talents but also streamlining the business growth process.

We've witnessed breakthroughs, flashes of understanding, and tangible changes in our clients' thinking, awareness, confidence, and expertise.

The experience so far has been filled with transformative moments that have already begun to redefine the trajectory of many entrepreneurial journeys.

"I have done my reps for the day 🥳 I had a great realisation, I’m always trying to get my clients out of their head and into their body and this is the perfect practice for that 👌."
"Okay, something weird happened last night. I tend to wake up several times and each time, I would only think of doing a PQ like breathing or hearing far /close sound and hop... Feel calm and sleep again 😲"
"I sold my BIGGEST EVER coaching package! The work I've been doing on my saboteurs meant I didn't undersell myself and I was able to really connect to their problem through better empathy and listening. 🥳"

Will you join us for BrainGym Cohort 2?

If you are one of those who aspire to transcend limitations and venture into uncharted territories, BrainGym Cohort 2 is your next stop.

We start on January 15th, 2024. Doors close on January 5th or when all the seats are gone!

Special Offer: Early Bird Discount & Exclusive Coaching Session

If this sounds like the kind of transformational experience you've been seeking, you won't want to miss out on our early bird offer.

Register before Thursday, 30th November at 10:00pm GMT to not only secure your spot at a discounted rate of £950 + VAT or 3 x payments of £360 + VAT PLUS a 1:1 private live coaching session with Caroline worth £350.

Are you ready to find your OOMPH? Join BrainGym Cohort 2 today

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