Builders, get ready for the BIG leagues...

Starting in October, Build members will gain exclusive access to Henley Coaching Partnership 'Leadership Days.' Find out how you can get involved.

Builders, get ready for the BIG leagues...
Photo by Chris Curry / Unsplash

I’m delighted to announce our collaboration with Henley Coaching Partnership (HCP).

Henley Coaching Partnership is renowned for its performance coaching, helping executives grow quickly and professionally in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Their multi-award-winning team of experts focuses on creating momentum and decisive action through proven frameworks.

Like us, they are committed to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

BTS from HCP's Business Growth event at Oakley Court Hotel (June 2023).

What It Means for Build Members

Starting in October, Build members will gain exclusive access to HCP's in-person 'Leadership Days,' typically reserved for their high-growth clients.

These sessions offer a unique opportunity to mingle with Founders and CEOs of companies with turnovers significantly exceeding £1.5M.

You'll gain invaluable insights, network with industry leaders, and accelerate your business growth.

I attended one of their full-day experiences at Oakley Court in June.

It was the perfect kick up the ass in THE MOST inspiring way.

HCP's distinguished client roster features industry leaders such as the Co-Founder & UK CEO of Chilango, the Founders of Lick Me I'm Delicious, and the Founder & CEO of Ace Travel, among others.

This partnership allows us to offer next-level support for those aiming to raise Angel investment or venture capital, accelerate their journey to £1M turnover, or who are growing faster than expected and need immediate scale-up support.

It's worth noting that HCP's coaching services start at £18,000 + VAT per year, underscoring the value of this exclusive offer.

How to Get Involved

Everyone in Build benefits from this collaboration.

Not only will you have the chance to attend these exclusive events and workshops, you'll also have opportunities to network with HCP clients and even present your expertise to the HCP network for your own business development.

Save the Dates

The first event kicks off on October 16th at Pennyhill Park. Designed for ambitious Founders and CEOs, learn how to fundraise, scale and plan a successful exit. You can RSVP for October 16th in the Build Event space.

This will be followed by a full-day Business Growth Event and a festive celebration at the RAC Club on 7th December.

More news to come. I’m just so damn excited I had to shout now!

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