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Introducing 'Get Inspired', THE go-to resource for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and 'Companies of One' to start smart, build better, and grow.

Community News
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Welcome to 'Get Inspired' our new blog. A long time in the making, our ambition is to create THE go-to resource for aspiring entrepreneurs,  freelancers, and 'Companies of One' who want to start smart, build better and experience good growth.

Get expert insights, real-life advice, and insider knowledge 24/7. We'll keep you up to date with trends, news, and tips to you can keep your inspiration tank full.

At the end of the month we'll send you a round up so you never miss an update.

Moment of the Month

In February, we hosted our first Accountability Session with guest Ayse Birsel, Fast Company's 'Most Creative Person of 2017' and co-founder of award-winning design studio, Birsel + Seck.

During the session, we discussed what it means to be accountable to ourselves and design a life we love.

If you missed it, you can find the notes on our latest blog post - click here.

What's new: CEO School with Nigel Scarfe

Thanks to everyone who joined us at February's Build Town Hall. On the agenda? CEO School with our Builder-in-Chief, Nigel Scarfe.

These masterminds cover a range of topics related to the role of a CEO and provide a space for members to collaborate, stay accountable, and solve problems fast. We're also excited to offer co-working opportunities and an innovation lab to help members create value and evidence for their small business.

And for personalised guidance and mentoring, 1:1 sessions with program leaders are available to members in between their monthly mastermind and forum sessions. Forums start 30th March. Save the date fellow Builders.

Check out the new Inspiration Space website!

Our new low carbon website is LIVE! Created for us by Tech Tonic Studio with support from LoCASE grant funding, we are proud to have a site powered by renewable energy with quick loading times and a carbon output that's 69% lighter than other sites on the web.

Check it out now and learn more about our community, programs, and initiatives all while being kinder to the planet.

Community Wins!

We want to give a shout out to everyone who recently completed the Low Carbon Accelerator! With entrepreneurship comes responsibility and we're proud of our community's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Carbon Literacy certifications are coming in fast, and we're on a mission to have 100% of the community certified in 2023.  

What is Carbon Literacy? Becoming 'Carbon Literate' means understanding how everyday activities can create greenhouse gas emissions and having the knowledge to reduce those emissions as an individual, a community, and an organisation.

More than a box tick exercise, this UN-recognised certification is a visual demonstration of your company's commitment to combatting climate change. Preferred by Patagonia, Rolls Royce, the BBC and more 🏆.

Member Spotlight: Caroline Kay, Founder of Vincita

We are thrilled to introduce Caroline Kay, Founder of Vincita, an industry leader in developing growth strategies for business leaders looking to reach the next level.

Caroline's podcast, Snippets of Genius, shares inspiring stories of her genius guests' ballsy, daring moves to burst opportunities wide open. Caroline began the podcast to explore marketing routes to build up awareness of her business, drive traffic to her site, and connect outside of her network.

As part of our new 'Energy Exchange' series, Caroline generously shared her expertise, experiences, and top tips for owning a successful business, which are included below. Caroline's unique approach to accessing deeper levels of creativity, clarity, and focus makes her the perfect partner to achieve the next level of success. Her clients consider her a strategist, consultant, coach, and confidant.

We took 5 and got to know more about Caroline, her business Vincita, podcasting and understanding what mental fitness is and how you can understand it better for your business and life.

Share with us a quote you want to become famous for:

‘I believe ‘the biggest and best bet you can make in life is betting on you’.

What is your top tip for a small business owner, entrepreneur, or founder?

‘You can have all the strategy in the world, but your mindset will make the biggest difference between success and failure. Invest in building your mental muscle and the rest will follow.’

What is Mental Fitness and what are three things entrepreneurs and founders can do today to strengthen their mental fitness?

1.     Create awareness of Saboteurs – Understand how much of the time your brain is sabotaging you vs serving you – take the test.

2.     Develop insight into how these hold you back – start reading the book – Positive Intelligence to discover your 10 saboteurs and how to fight back

3.     Start building your mental muscle to fight negative patterns with positive behaviour so you achieve your full potential and become part of the elite – Enrol in a 6-week Mental Fitness Course with a PQ Coach and start building your mental muscle to shift for sabotage to your highest performing self.

We absolutely love positing our Energy Exchange, to give even a small insight into the amazing things our members are doing. If you’d like to be our next member spotlight, please do get in touch with us in the Inspiration Space clubhouse.

Branding Shoot Opportunity and Save the Date!

Lastly, we have a fun opportunity for community members! Rebecca Trudgett, Founder of Switchfoot Accounting, is looking for models to feature in the background of her upcoming branding shoot at Login Lounge in Camberley on 6th March.

If you're interested, click the link to Rebecca's post in 'Ask for Help'. This is a great opportunity to check out the venue and maybe co-work there for the rest of the day.

Save the Date

The next Low Carbon Accelerator starts this month. If you're ready to lead the next industrial revolution, this sprint is for you.

The science is clear. Business as usual is over. Reducing carbon emissions is not a choice. It's essential for the health of people, the planet, and your profit.

The Low Carbon Accelerator is ESG compliance made simple. Three quick sprints and you'll open the door to new financial opportunities.

The green economy is gaining momentum. Seize this opportunity to distinguish your brand.

In fact, 35% of companies surveyed by Sortlist said they planned to INCREASE spending on sustainable marketing services in 2023 by up to 5-10%.

Register now and join a community of like-minded individuals committed to creating a sustainable future. Click here to find out more.