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We welcomed change with open arms in March. In April it's time to move from 'What is' to 'What if.'

Community News
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

We welcomed change with open arms in March. In April it's time to move from 'What is' to 'What if.'

Hello, Inspiration Space community! Here's to the start of a new quarter and the road to new beginnings.

In March, we threw open our doors to experts and leaders advocating for the low-carbon economy through our 'Sustainability Re-Imagined' series.

Hosted on LinkedIn, we spoke to an incredible line-up of Founders including:

We're thrilled that 1,170 people have enjoyed the replays, sparking numerous "light bulb" moments.

Moment of the Month: Intro to the Green Economy

Our highlight this month was the insightful 'Intro to the Green Economy' discussion with Liana Fricker, Joe Ahern, and Farah Lodhi.

To catch the replay covering opportunities, challenges, and the role of education in building a sustainable future, just hit play below.

What's New: Inspiration Zone's Enhanced Library

We've updated our Inspiration Zone Library with a mix of original, curated, and community-created content.

This growing library, featuring stories and bitesize lessons, will fill your inspiration tank and knowledge bank, reminding you that you're not alone in your journey.

Recommended Lessons:

What's Next: Move from 'What is' to 'What if' with us in April

April promises a lineup of events, live interviews and workshops to guide you from Idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We'll explore how resilience, adaptability, and well-being can be maintained while integrating environmental stewardship into your business model.

Look forward to advice you can use to future-proof business to ensure continuous positive transformation and growth.

Inspiration: Live Interviews

Gain insights from Jim Holland, Founder and CEO of Carma, and Rebecca Heaps, Founder of Tent Share, as they share their experiences and wisdom.

YinYoga: Relax and Recharge

Join Elle Linton on 12th April for YinYoga, a perfect way to de-stress and maintain your well-being during your entrepreneurial journey. Grab your exclusive discount for 50% off here.

Bitesize Business Lessons

Learn to incorporate better business practice and environmental responsibility into your business model while optimising resource use.

Caroline Kay will be teaching us how to use positive psychology to 'unleash our oomph'.

Olu Adedeji will be offering up his top tips and advice on how to avoid burnout through better lead generation.

Level Up: Start Smart, Build Better or Accelerate Good Growth

All aboard! Welcoming new students to our flagship programmes in May.

New Beginnings: Grow Beyond Boundaries. Reach your market 2x faster with our 12-month program. Join by 10th May and experience growth like 98% of our alumni. Explore the course.

Build: Mastermind for Sustainable Growth: For established entrepreneurs, Build offers a unique mastermind group led by Builder-in-Chief, Nigel Scarfe. Boost sales and create a lasting impact. Discover Build.

Prepare for Net-Zero in the Low Carbon Accelerator: Starting 16th May, invest 1.5 days to save time and money while preparing for new net-zero legislation. Don't miss out.