Discover the joy of slow travel

Byway Travel is set to make slow, multi-stop journeys a delightful experience, weaving sustainability into the fabric of travel experiences.

Discover the joy of slow travel
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Byway Travel, founded by Cat Jones, champions sustainable travel via multi-stop journeys off beaten tourist paths, using low-carbon options like trains, buses, bikes, and ferries. Besides planning the trip, Byway also handles luggage logistics and accommodation.

Their 'Travel Trends 2023' report predicts a spike in flight-free holidays due to increased government action, corporate sustainability efforts, and customer demand.

Here's the TL:DR with facts and figures about what the future of travel might have in store...

Facts & Figures

Byway expect a surge in flight-free holidays, boosted by government policies and growing customer demand for sustainability.

France banned short-haul flights, and Schiphol pledged to be emission-free by 2030. COP27 saw governments commit to a 1.5-degree increase limit, while the EU plans to double rail use by 2030.

Here's a few stand out trends you may find interesting...

Flight-Free 2023: Increasing shift towards overland travel to reduce carbon emissions.  61% of people are eager to travel more sustainably, with 36% planning to fly less.

The Flexi-air-ian trend: Reducing flying rather than completely cutting it out for sustainability. Climate change concerns have spurred 75% of adults into action, with many choosing one-way flight and return overland, reducing their carbon footprint.

Regenerative Tourism: Focus on creating a positive impact in visited places beyond just sustainability. This is about ensuring travel creates a positive impact for locals, for example, economically reviving COVID-hit places like Burgos, re-wilding tours, or exploring fair-trade streets.

Grounded Bleisure: Integrating sustainability into corporate travel, combining business and leisure. SAP Concur states 97% of corporate travellers would extend travel time for eco-friendliness. With "Climate Perks", clued-in companies reward carbon conscious employees with extra holidays.

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