From DIY to Done For You...Introducing, KISS+💋

Stuck in your business growth? Unleash your potential with KISS+! Go from overlooked brilliance to revenue generation, using targeted 1:1 mentorship.

From DIY to Done For You...Introducing, KISS+💋
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Finding the right mentorship can feel like discovering a hidden oasis amidst the bustling chaos of today's business world.

While group mentorships have their place, there's an unmatched sense of security when you have an experienced mentor focusing solely on you.

Research shows that a whopping 70% of small businesses that receive mentoring last five years or more. So, it's clear that guidance, whether you're a sprouting entrepreneur or a top executive, is invaluable.

But getting the right mentor isn't always a walk in the park, especially if 'business as usual' has you tied to your desk or your networking game isn't strong.

The Power of Aha

But, there's a silver lining. With KISS+, you can quickly go from overlooking your brilliance to eagerly delving into a new revenue stream while working 1:1.

You see, after 7,000 hours of experience in small business mentoring, I can tell you that the common hurdle for most Founders is scaling their sales.

In fact, the root of the problem often lies in one or a mix of these areas:

🗑️ The mode of delivery has outlived its charm

🗑️ You're in need of corporate/enterprise clients

🗑️ You view emerging technology as a risk rather than an opportunity

🗑️ You've lost sight of your customer or your Unique Selling Proposition

🗑️ You need a breath of fresh air - innovation - in your business

Accelerate Your Success

Recently, I had a member, a supremely talented brand designer. However, she was selling herself short, literally, selling her services for peanuts instead of the gold they were worth.

She and I teamed up and broke the problem down to its essence - she had the right offer, but the wrong customer.

Fast forward two months, she stopped underselling her brand packages, upgraded her clientele, and landed a project in a more profitable industry that doubled her pay.

In six weeks, she invoiced a six-month worth of revenue, and all of this was achieved without selling any branding or web design services - a sector now oversaturated due to the rise of DIY and AI.

With KISS+, you don't have to wait 12 months to break free from stagnation and leap towards excitement.

Introducing KISS+: Progress...Without the Work

KISS+ is refreshingly simple, yet potently powerful. During a 90-minute call, you spill your business struggles, dreams, and goals.

I engage my rapid-fire brain and vast network to address your issues with innovative marketing and PR.

The KISS+ Experience

In just 14 days, you get a custom strategic plan tailored to your business needs. We then fine-tune this plan during a 60-min session. And that's it.

Fast. Discreet. Done. Here's how it works...

1️⃣: A 90-minute session where we deep-dive into your industry's emerging trends and explore potential opportunities in your business.

2️⃣: I analyse the collected data, conduct a competitor analysis, and draw from my years of experience to map out your game plan.

3️⃣: Within 14 days, I deliver a custom strategic plan covering: customer acquisition, product offering refinement, competitive landscape analysis, marketing and communication strategy, and sustainability considerations.

4️⃣: Finally, we review the plan together during a 60-minute session. You'll have the chance to raise questions and learn how to implement the plan.

With KISS+, you don't just get a service; you gain a partner dedicated to helping you succeed. Unlike AI platforms, you get the advantage of human expertise and personalised touch.

Leap Towards Excitement

Our Mastermind group secured over £200,000 in new project wins and retained contracts in June.

That's almost £15,000 per person. Imagine starting September with a plan to smash your goals and level up your targets?

Your success story could be next on our ever growing 'Wall of Wins'...

Who is should OPT IN?

The KISS+ experience is perfect for "Companies of One," freelancers and fledgling founders struggling with analyses paralyses, stagnation, AI threats, a decline in enthusiasm, social media fatigue, unclear thoughts, or a new idea/pivot.

Regardless of your journey's stage or experience level, KISS+ is here for you.

Amplify Your Genius

With KISS+, you're not just a client, you're part of a success-driven family. We can't wait to help you on your journey to greatness.

Take advantage of our Testpilot price of £360 + VAT by booking your first 90-minute session using the link below. After the official launch in September, our "done for you" services will begin at £750 + VAT.

Booking is available for July, and September. Don't worry if you're away for the summer, book now for September at a discounted rate. Remember, early bird gets the worm 😉.

You won't be disappointed. You will amplify your genius.

Ready to soar towards more? Book KISS+ here.