How can we help? πŸ™

There's an energy shift amongst us and it has the potential to cement the old way of doing things or pave the way for a brave new world. How can we support you?

How can we help? πŸ™

If you follow astrology, Jupiter has moved into Taurus which means we can look forward to the spirit of abundance guiding us over the next 12 months 🀞.

At Inspiration Space we believe collaboration is key to unlocking innovation and staying future-proof. How can we support YOU during this moment of transition, exploration and creativity?

What is it you want to learn?

Is there something you are struggling with, you've tried to learn it on your own but you end up going round in circles?

We'd love to hear about things you are thinking about, things you are working on, what you're worried about, what has you stuck.

In July we're planning a deep dive Masterclass, current topics that have been requested include:

  • How to Find the RIGHT Customer and Where
  • Disruptive Innovation: The Art of Bootstrapping New Products
  • An Introduction to Sustainability & Greenwashing
  • Opportunity Accelerator: Find Your Money-Making Sweet Spot

If any of these speak to you, or if you have a suggestion, let us know in the comments below πŸ‘‡