Lunch & Learn: "Green Speak" with Confidence

This isn't just about compliance or avoiding bad press – it’s about building a resilient, responsible business and a stand-out personal brand.

Lunch & Learn: "Green Speak" with Confidence

In a world where sustainability is non-negotiable, your impact communication is under close scrutiny.

Yet, how do you present your green initiatives authentically without falling into the greenwashing trap? The time for clarity is now.

Join us for an enlightening high-impact session to quickly demystify the "net-zero" jargon, learn how to sidestep greenwashing and get fresh ideas you can use to market your impact with confidence.

The Agenda

Drawing from high-profile case studies, like Braun's e-waste initiative and Shein's influencer blunder, and the current shift towards mandatory climate-related disclosures, we'll help you decode the green jargon and elevate your brand's sustainability narrative.

This is your chance to fill in gaps in your knowledge and join the conversation that procurement leads and CEOs are already having.

Here's what we'll cover during our 'Lunch & Learn' session:

  1. Decoding the Green Speak: Let's simplify terms like "greenwashing," "carbon footprint" and "TCFD reporting" so you can navigate the sustainability discourse with confidence.
  2. Greenwashing: Learn what it is, how to spot it, and crucially, how to avoid it.
  3. TCFD Reporting: Understand why big businesses are worried about climate-related disclosures and how you, as a service provider, can align with their sustainability goals.
  4. Authentic Communication: Learn how to present your green efforts genuinely, improving your credibility and appeal to potential clients.

Who Should Opt-In

✅ Startup founders, solo entrepreneurs, PR and marketing professionals, in-house sustainability champions, and challenger product brands.

✅ Individuals seeking to inspire sustainability and grasp key concepts related to governance, greenwashing and climate-related risks.

✅ Professionals aiming to articulate sustainability initiatives effectively and authentically, for your clients or your own brand.

✅ Those who aspire to inspire trust and engagement with contemporary sustainability-focused marketing strategies.

✅ Individuals eager to quickly understand essential knowledge to avoid greenwashing, positioning themselves as authentic voices in the green era.

✅ Those acknowledging that success in 2023 and beyond is tied to a transformed approach to sustainability and its communication.

Stop Greenhushing. Start Greenshouting

Let's go beyond buzzwords and build a greener future together. Invest 60-minutes to elevate your confidence in the sustainability conversation.

You're already 'doing the doing.' Time to stop "greenhushing" and start "greenshouting".

When? 12pm - 1pm, 19th July, 2023.

Where? Your home or office! This is a fully digital event.

How? Add your name to the list. Simply RSVP here.