NEW! On-demand mentoring with Liana Fricker, Founder & Inspirer-in-Chief

Boost your business with our on-demand mentoring. Gain actionable insights, save time and money and discover fresh avenues for business growth.

NEW! On-demand mentoring with Liana Fricker, Founder & Inspirer-in-Chief
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The path of entrepreneurship can be arduous and isolating. That's why forming a connection with an experienced outsider, who can offer insightful advice, emotional support and objective feedback, can make a significant difference.

Propel your business forward

Are you an entrepreneur grappling with a flood of advice, leaving you overwhelmed rather than empowered?

Do you find your business straying from its initial course, entangled in the net of evolving challenges?

Are you seeking that elusive express route to growth that constantly seems just out of grasp? If this resonates with your journey, we have some exciting news.

We're delighted to introduce our latest service, on-demand mentoring with Liana Fricker, Startup Champion, award-winning marketer and Inspirer-in-Chief.

Until now, Liana's expertise was available exclusively through our New Beginnings or Build programmes. But recognising the ever-increasing complexity of small business challenges - particularly during a time of unprecedented isolation - we're expanding our reach.

Breakthrough without burning out

As an entrepreneur, we know you're up against unique hurdles - from wrestling with distractions, balancing work-life commitments, managing irregular revenue streams, to the solitude and uncertainty synonymous with the founder's role.

Our on-demand mentoring service is your antidote. It isn't a forum for unfocused chatter, but rather a platform for strategic, objective-aligned discussions.

Don't merely work in your business - work on it. Leverage our targeted 60-minute sessions to gain actionable insights, save resources and discover fresh avenues for business growth.

Startups don't starve - they drown

In the entrepreneurial realm, the saying goes, "Startups don't starve; they drown."

This couldn't ring more true. Entrepreneurs often find themselves awash in a sea of opportunities, advice, and potential pathways.

The real struggle isn't scarcity, but choosing wisely from a sea of abundance.

Liana's guidance comes from her deep understanding of the obstacles founders confront, having navigated these choppy waters herself.

With her celebrated problem-solving skills, Liana offers a beacon of clarity amidst the often-confusing labyrinth of entrepreneurship.


These one-on-one mentoring sessions are more than just discussions. They're strategic explorations into your business, shedding light on the path ahead and equipping you with the tools to steer your entrepreneurial ship confidently.

Grow beyond what you think is possible

With options for 60 or 90-minute sessions, Liana utilises her passion for bootstrapping and her inventive approach to uncertainty, delivering fresh perspectives, novel business paths, and strategic counsel.

Liana's mentoring sessions cater to a diverse array of business development areas, from refining your revenue model to startup idea validation, from handling multiple startup roles to surmounting marketing hurdles.

And it isn't just about business growth. It's about building a resilient future, distinguishing your offerings, and innovating solutions to serve your clients more effectively.

It's about turning roadblocks into opportunities and pushing beyond perceived boundaries.

Are you ready to discover new territories? Book your session now.


You have questions? We're here with answers.

Who is Liana Fricker?

Liana, also known as the "Inspirer-In-Chief", is a visionary and renowned entrepreneur. She's the founder of Inspiration Space, a pioneering incubator offering mentorship and growth opportunities to ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses. Before starting Inspiration Space she worked with global brands like BMW, RayBan and Bacardi on groundbreaking marketing campaigns

Who are these sessions designed for?

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur seeking feedback or a seasoned business owner needing to pivot, these sessions offer valuable insights for a broad spectrum of business development areas.

Who Should Opt In:

  • Budding entrepreneurs eager for feedback on their strategy, product, or service, especially those at the idea inception stage.
  • Freelancers facing dwindling clientele, AI threats, and the need to carve out new niches or attract larger corporate clients or SMEs.
  • "Companies of One" on a plateau, not eligible for government aid due to employee quotas.
  • Founders concerned about greenwashing who want a safe space to discuss marketing, communication and operations in parallel with the Green Claims Code.

What topics can be covered?

From refining your revenue model to bootstrapping a startup, understanding your target market, building industry connections, and overcoming financial challenges, Liana's mentoring sessions cater to a broad spectrum of business development areas.

How does it work?

Simply book a date/time that best suits you and complete the pre-session form. There are only 5 spaces available each month starting in June.

How much does it cost?

On-demand sessions are £180 + VAT. This is an affordable investment for folks who don't want to commit to a full course (from £1200) or a bespoke 1:1 package (from £3600). 

For cancellations, ensure you give at least 24 hours notice. Refunds are available if cancellation is done more than 24 hours before your session, excluding Stripe processing fees.

Ready to break free from the shackles of isolation and dive into a realm of strategic thinking? Book your session now. There are only five spaces available per month, so don't miss this opportunity to unlock your true potential.