"People, Planet, Pastry" comes to Surrey with Inspiration Space

In an effort to accelerate the transition to net-zero among businesses, Inspiration Space is delighted to host a new offline monthly meet-up, "People, Planet, Pastry."

"People, Planet, Pastry" comes to Surrey with Inspiration Space
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Nestled in the heart of Guildford is Solar Sisters Cafe, a zero-waste shop and community hub that's gearing up to host something special.

This is where Liana Fricker, the founder of Inspiration Space, is set to launch "People, Planet, Pastry," a series of monthly meet-ups designed to unite local businesses on a common ground of sustainability.

The goal? To make conversations about sustainability and the transition to net-zero as commonplace as grabbing a cup of coffee.

Small & Mighty Matters

Small businesses form a significant part of the UK's carbon footprint, collectively contributing 4.4 tons of CO2 each, which is 36% of the country's total emissions.

Despite this, a worrying 44% of small businesses don't believe they can make a difference.

'People, Planet, Pastry' solves the 'inspiration gap' by bringing curious business owners together with those who are either about to start, have started, or are well on their way to embedding sustainability into their day-to-day operations.

People, Planet, Pastry

Created by Small99, 'People, Planet, Pastry' is a relaxed and informal event. A space where Founders, entrepreneurs and business owners can exchange stories, ideas, and strategies to accelerate local efforts in climate action, this is a no-judgement zone.

The sister event, People, Planet, Pint, brings people together to learn more and chat about climate, while the “Pastry” series is focused on empowering small businesses with the action they can take and where to start with sustainability.

"We partner with Small99 through our Carbon Literacy training and 'Net Zero My Business' accelerator," explained Liana Fricker, Founder of Inspiration Space.

"When the 'People, Planet, Pastry' meet-ups launched it was a no-brainer for us to volunteer to host them in Surrey. Solar Sisters is the perfect venue with the way they seamlessly combine zero-waste shopping with an array of community activities in the heart of Guildford."

Each "Pastry" meet-up will typically begin with a welcome note and introductions, followed by local business stories, mini-workshops and discussions about opportunities, best practice and ways to amplify stories of success.

Save the Date: September 4, 10 AM - 11:30 AM

The inaugural event is scheduled for September 4th, from 10 AM - 11:30 AM at Solar Sisters Cafe in Guildford. Solar Sisters Cafe, our chosen venue, is a Community Interest Company established in 2021 by siblings Lucy and Nina.

As for what to bring, attendees are advised to carry a notebook and business cards for networking opportunities.

There will also be an optional community space within the Inspiration Space platform for folks who want to keep the conversation going and maintain connections beyond the events.

RSVP for the first session via Eventbrite.

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Meet others interested in sustainability in your community, share local stories and ideas, and accelerate local climate action.