Round Up: What's New in Sustainability This Week

Green Jobs Surge; Insurance Drought in Sunshine State; Plastic Pandemic Nearly Over; Climate Change Shakes Up Flights and more...

Round Up: What's New in Sustainability This Week
Photo by Marios Gkortsilas / Unsplash

Welcome to our sharp and succinct digest aimed at bringing you the latest in sustainability, a hot-topic that continues to define our global business landscape.

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More (Green) Hands on Deck

According to LinkedIn’s new Global Green Skills Report, a whopping 33% of all job postings in the UK last year were green jobs.

It's not just about roles in renewable energy or electric vehicle manufacturing – corporate sustainability is becoming more diverse and includes climate action planners, sustainable marketing pros and green web designers.

Because companies aren't keen to hire folks that lack green skills (81% of workers who transition into green jobs have at least some green skills or prior green experience) and there aren't enough people with green skills in the market we have a serious issue with 'Supply vs. Demand.'

Why it matters πŸ‘‰ Expect more Fractional and Consulting opportunities in this space while companies wait for the skills gap to close. Are you carbon literate and/or have experience in sustainability? Prepare for action πŸ˜‰.

LinkedIn: Green jobs account for one in three UK role postings, but skills shortages loom - edie
One-third of job postings made on LinkedIn in the UK over the past 12 months have been in the green economy, the professional social network has revealed.

Insurers to Florida: Adios!

Florida homeowners are facing limited property insurance options as The Farmers Group and AIG scale back coverage, citing vulnerability to hurricanes and floods.

They're the latest of 16 insurers over 18 months to pull back on new business. Warming oceans due to climate change are making intense storms more frequent, pushing some insurers into insolvency.

Why it matters πŸ‘‰ As climate change fuels extreme weather, insurers may withdraw from high-risk areas globally, impacting small businesses, especially in tourism. Be prepared for shifts in the travel industry as popular destinations become 'no-go zones' due to extreme weather.

Two more property insurance companies scaling back coverage in Florida
Over the past 18 months in Florida, 16 property insurance companies have decided to stop writing new business to new homeowners in one form or the other.

Plastic's Industry on Notice

The world's governments are drafting a treaty to control plastic production, potentially reducing it by 80% by 2040.

Backed by immense public concern and business support, promotes eliminating unnecessary single-use plastic packaging, promoting reuse, and replacing plastic with sustainable biodegradable materials.

Why it matters πŸ‘‰ Obviously this is good news. It also means adjusting. As virgin fades out, expect rising prices for recycled plastics and less harmful materials. If you're a product brand in particular - stay woke.

Whisper it, but the boom in plastic production could be about to come to a juddering halt | Geoffrey Lean
A proposed plastics treaty could join the rescue of the ozone layer as a landmark success, says specialist environment correspondent Geoffrey Lean

Turbulence Goes UP

Well, we didn't have THIS on my environmental bingo card. Turns out, climate change has led to a 55% increase in severe clear-air turbulence (CAT) on typical flight routes over the North Atlantic between 1979 and 2020, a study reveals.

This turbulence, invisible to planes' radar, costs airlines millions due to injuries, delays, and wear on planes. Turbulence is projected to worsen as the climate crisis continues πŸ™„.

Why it matters πŸ‘‰ Our changing climate continues to bring up unexpected shocks. This particular instance begs the question, could the climates impact on air pressure restrict travel to sea or land πŸ€”?

It’s not just you β€” flights are getting more turbulent
How climate change makes flight turbulence worse

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