Round Up: What's New in Sustainability This Week

Each week, we'll bring you the most pertinent news, emerging regulations and exciting announcements that shape the green economy. Let's net-zero your business together.

Round Up: What's New in Sustainability This Week

Welcome to our sharp and succinct digest aimed at bringing you the latest in sustainability, a hot-topic that continues to define our global business landscape.

Let's jump in!

EU votes to ban 'Environmentally Friendly' and other greenwashing terms

In a bold move against greenwashing, the European Parliament has voted for new legislation that will ban the use of labels like 'carbon neutral', 'environmentally friendly', 'natural', 'biodegradable' and 'eco' unless substantiated by solid, science-based evidence.

EU Votes to Ban Popular Greenwashing Terms
The proposed rules will ban the use of ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘natural’, ‘biodegradable’ and ‘eco’

The UK Government Moves to Prohibit Carbon Offset Claims in Advertisements

ASA's upcoming regulations will tighten control on "carbon neutral," "net zero," & "nature positive" claims, aiming to combat #greenwashing.

With consumer purchasing heavily influenced by climate claims, this transparency could illuminate an industry often shrouded in confusion.

Adverts claiming products are carbon neutral by using offsetting face UK ban
Advertising watchdog to begin stricter enforcement on use of terms such as ‘carbon neutral’ amid concerns over offsets

Just launched: ecolibrium's Green Travel Guide for Festivals & Events

Packed with fresh insights, case studies, future trends, it guides festival organisers on measuring travel impacts, reducing environmental footprint and advice on how to galvanise change.

The ecolibrium Green Travel & Transport Guide for Festivals and Events: 2023 - Ecolibrium
The NEW ecolibrium Green Travel & Transport Guide was launched May 18th 2023 with new best practice and research. This fourth edition of the … Read more The ecolibrium Green Travel & Transport Guide for Festivals and Events: 2023

Fundraising? Expect Mandatory ESG Disclosures in the EU

EU regulations, pressure from LPs (Limited Partners), consumers and talent are pushing VCs to report on ESG.

While mostly seen for those raising Series-B and above, downstream consequences mean those raising pre-seed or seed should expect to see ESG clauses in term sheets as they become a mandatory part of DD (Due Diligence).

Curious about ESG clauses? Check out Sifted's VC clause collection.

See ya next week with another round-up! Remember, climate change is about power, and as entrepreneurs, we have more than we think.