See ya FOMO: Let's KISS

Why stay stuck trying to connect with your perfect customers when you can soar towards profit without the hefty costs?

See ya FOMO: Let's KISS

10X your progress and create repeatable results during our 3.5-hour LIVE WORKSHOP, KISS.  Pre-Sale ends at Midnight 26th June!

Spaces available from £29. Full price from 27th June ( £97)

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Do you feel trapped in a relentless cycle, pouring resources into chasing the elusive 'right' customer?

Or perhaps you're standing still, gripped by the 'pit of doom' of stagnation, even as you've been hustling for years.

We see you. We were you. Now, we're inviting you to experience the game-changing power of KISS.

What's in it for me?

This isn't just another workshop. The KISS bootcamp is a dynamic three-session business accelerator designed to not only empower you with actionable strategies but also to redefine your entrepreneurial journey.

The result? A significant boost in your business growth without the daunting pressures of trying to handle everything single-handedly.

Our promise? You will never waste your time and energy on the wrong customer again. You will start attracting work that respects and rewards your value.

You'll eliminate wild guessing and move forward with confidence and clarity.

And you'll do it all without investing in extras you don't need.

What Will I Learn?

KISS is about simplicity and impact. We've condensed an extensive body of knowledge into three vital sessions:

Session 1 - Re-Imagine Your Customer: Unlock your ideal customer's world with our secret strategic weapon and discover opportunities and niches that perfectly align with the value you offer.

Session 2 - Simplify Your Offer: Learn to trim the fat and focus on what your customer values the most. We'll help you identify your strengths and provide personalised advice on pricing, positioning, and service design.

Session 3 - Attract Your Match: It's all about reaching out smartly. Demystify the concepts of funnels and conversions, learn savvy tech tactics, and develop the skill to connect confidently with your customers, speaking their language and meeting their needs.

Why Now?

The risk of waiting is stagnation. The longer you wrestle with inefficiencies, the further you may drift from your growth trajectory.

Join KISS now, and you'll not only gain access to this transformative bootcamp but also receive business-boosting bonuses worth over £900!

From a dedicated post-workshop Q&A WhatsApp group, high-converting Facebook Ad templates, lifetime access to session replays and a chance to win a bespoke Sparktoro analysis, there's a treasure trove of value-add extras waiting for you on the other side of KISS.

Who's Running It and When?

Meet your KISS guides: Liana and Jayne. With a wealth of experience and a shared belief that more is rarely better in sales and marketing, they're on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify their journey and accelerate their success.

Burnout and mental bankruptcy are not the ways to financial growth.

The good news? KISS is. Pre-Sale ends at Midnight 26th June!

Spaces available from £29. Full price from 27th June, £97.

Join us on July 1st, 2023 @ 2 PM GMT. Live online, your journey to amplified success is just one click away.