Shake up your business narrative: Expert tips from Preethi Sundaram

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in a Founder's arsenal. Learn how shake up your narrative to capture attention with expert tips from a pro.

Shake up your business narrative: Expert tips from Preethi Sundaram
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If your company has reached a comfortable plateau or is experiencing a decline in income, it might be time to explore alternative strategies to expand your reach.

Preethi Sundaram, founder of Possible Ground and expert in crafting compelling narratives, shares five key insights you can use to harness the power of storytelling for growth.

Preethi Sundaram, Founder of Possible Ground, Inspiration Space Mentor and Head of International Marketing at Vimeo

The Power of Storytelling

Narratives are important for decision-making. When you craft a powerful story for your business, you create an opportunity to connect with customers on a deeper level and influence their choices.

According to Preethi, decisions are often made based on stories, and facts are retrofitted to fit the decision.

"People tend to generate stories even when there isn't anything there."

"Paris Syndrome" and the belief in the "American Dream" are examples of the power of stories in shaping people's decisions and expectations.

Preethi's recommends creating a value proposition narrative, first.

"This type of narrative starts with the broken world, which represents the problem or challenge the customer faces. The customer is positioned as the hero, while the entrepreneur acts as the mentor, guiding the hero to their 'Promised Land.'"

Five Quick Tips

So how do you create a story that sells? Here are five quick tips...

Start with the broken world: Identify the challenges your customers face and position your business as the solution.

Make your customer the hero: Empower your customers by making them the central focus of your narrative.

Be the mentor: Guide your customers toward their goals and provide the support they need.

Focus on the Promised Land: Help your customers envision a better future through your products or services.

Learn from successful brands: Study the storytelling techniques of top brands and adapt them to suit your business.

Learning from Successful Brands

Brands like Apple and Airbnb have mastered this approach, centering their customers as the hero of the story and helping them achieve their goals.

Preethi suggests that you focus on guiding your customers to their Promised Land rather than simply listing product features or benefits, which usually results in jargon, hyperbole and dry positioning statements.

"The best brands center their customers as the hero of the story and help them achieve their goals."

By following their example, you can create compelling a narrative that resonates and inspires your customers.

Create a Story That Sells

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