Sprint #1: Unfair Advantage

Learn the principles of effectuation in this 4-part self-guided introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset.

Sprint #1: Unfair Advantage

First things first: Welcome to the Power Sprint.

This is the start of a new season at Inspiration Space. Autumn is when gear up to welcome the next New Beginnings cohort.

And to limber us all up, we're running the Power Sprint to spread one of the most IMPORTANT lessons in entrepreneurship: Effectuation.


What is Effectuation?

It's a five step framework that you can use to create your future.

It was developed by Dr. Saras Sarasvathy, and she was very interested in, what makes an entrepreneur an excellent entrepreneur.

And so she used the same principles that social scientists use to study expertise and put 45 entrepreneurs to a series of tests to get them share how they would solve typical problems that every startup would encounter.