Supercharge Your Marketing with PAS

Unlock PAS: a simple copywriting formula that quickly builds the 'Like, Know and Trust' factor with customers. Save time, money and inspire your audience in transformative ways.

Supercharge Your Marketing with PAS

In the world of copywriting, the Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS) formula is a game-changer. Think of it like a three-act play, highlighting problems, stirring emotions, and presenting solutions.

Simple yet powerful, it works wonders across all your copy, drawing in the audience with an engaging narrative.

Want to learn how to supercharge your marketing with PAS? Let's dive in...

PAS keeps it simple

The PAS formula's genius lies in its simplicity and versatility, moving seamlessly from long-form sales copy to punchy social media ads.

Rooted in Eugene Schwartz's direct marketing principles, the updated PAS method has proven invaluable in the digital age.

To make the PAS formula work for you, it's crucial to understand your audience's issues. Here are a few 'top tips' to remember:

  • Use their language, and address their problems directly.
  • Respect and empathy are key when agitating the problem.
  • Your solution should be convincing, believable and relevant.
  • Turn features into benefits that the customer can understand and appreciate.

Step 1: Pinpoint the 'Pain'

The first step is 'Pain'. Here, you focus on the issues your audience grapples with. For example, if you sell organic skincare, your 'Pain' sentence could be: "Fed up with persistent acne?"

Step 2: Amplify with 'Agitate'

The next step, 'Agitate', amplifies the problem's emotional weight. Following our skincare example, an 'Agitate' sentence could read: "Are unsightly breakouts ruining your confidence?"

Step 3: Present the 'Solution'

Finally, 'Solution' is your time to shine, showcasing how your product or service can solve their issue. For our skincare example, a 'Solution' sentence could be: "Try our organic skincare range for a clear, confident complexion."

Putting it all together

Well-crafted PAS copy begins with identifying the problem, stirring emotions around that issue and then delivering your solution.

Here's what this looks like using our skincare example:

"Fed up with persistent acne? Are unsightly breakouts ruining your confidence? Try our organic skincare range for a clear, confident complexion."

We inspire you to go do! DIY your PAS framework

The PAS framework is a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. From sales letters to social media posts, it connects with your audience on an emotional level, effectively selling your solutions.

Here's a prompt for ChatGPT to help you craft your own PAS marketing message:

"I want you to act as an award-winning copywriter. I will tell you the problem my [product/service] solves. I will tell you the solution I provide and the pain my customers experience. You will think of ways to agitate the problem to make it more emotionally relevant. Then you will write a PAS marketing message with these elements: 'Are you struggling with [Insert Pain]? Does it feel like [Insert Agitation]? Discover [My Solution] for [Describe Benefit]'."

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