Turn off your camera to save the world

Discover how going camera-free during web calls can help reduce your carbon footprint and combat Zoom fatigue. Learn about the innovative 'Camera Offset Project' from McKinney and how you can get involved.

Turn off your camera to save the world

Did you know that by turning off your camera during video calls, you can reduce your carbon emissions by 95%? This simple yet effective solution is at the heart of the "Camera Offset Project," a sustainable initiative from brand experience agency McKinney that offers an innovative way to combat the environmental impact of digital consumption.

In a world where internet usage and video calls are constantly increasing, it's more important than ever to think about the sustainability of our digital footprint. According to McKinney's research, digital technologies already account for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, and this is set to double within the next three years.

The data centers that power the internet produce as much carbon dioxide as the aviation industry, making the need for sustainable solutions more urgent than ever.

Don't look at me

The "Camera Offset Project" is a fun and low-fi way to help the environment, and it all started with McKinney's commitment to minimising business risks by making working from home more sustainable.

By leaving your camera off during a web call, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 96%. McKinney's Brand Experience team created a website and graphics that people can use as their Zoom background when they turn their cameras off, helping to save energy and resources while combating Zoom fatigue.

Reduce video call carbon emissions by 96% with camera-off. Bonus: Use these free graphics as your profile pic.

The added value of McKinney's thinking is that they've made sustainability in small businesses both possible and necessary. The Camera Offset Project is a tiny step in the right direction, demonstrating how even something small can lead to significant change. The process they went through to create it is a perfect example of the integrated thinking that's needed to prepare small businesses to compete in a low-carbon economy.

The future is calling. Is your business ready to answer?

low-carbon economy is coming, and small businesses must adapt to compete in a world where sustainability is a significant factor.

McKinney's "Camera Offset Project" is an excellent example of how small businesses can make a positive impact by taking action on their ideas. Let's all start thinking more creatively about how we can make a difference.

The climate is changing, so let's change the way we do business with it.