WE Choose the Future

Keep reading for funding opportunities, resources we LOVE, an early-bird offer on Brain Gym Cohort 2 and business trends you won’t want to miss.

WE Choose the Future
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Recent weeks have felt rather heavy, haven't they?

An acknowledgement that gives weight to the rollercoaster of challenges we've all faced in recent years.

This is why October's newsletter is coming to you now, and since November's is just around the corner, I'll keep this brief.

A statement that has always resonated with me is, "We Choose the Future."

A reminder that whilst the world feels chaotic, perhaps we have more power than we're led to believe.

There are essentially two methods to instigate change in our world.

First, you can roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

The second approach is to serve as a catalyst, inspiring others to take up the mantle.

Both paths are invaluable, but acting as a catalyst amplifies the impact beyond what any single individual can accomplish.

And often, it's our own actions that spark that catalytic change in others.

Take, for example, the upswing in small businesses here in the UK. Over the last year, we've welcomed 46,000 new small businesses into our community.

I can't help but think of the positive influence I could wield if Inspiration Space could assist just 1% of them.

Keep reading for funding opportunities, resources we LOVE, an early-bird offer on Brain Gym Cohort 2 you won’t want to miss.

Funding Opportunities

Your go-to spot for the latest grants, competitions, and more, that can add some 'ka-ching!' to your start-up or small business.

If you're a Creator you won't want to miss the Earth Alliance Creator Fund 

Funding News: Where to Find Free Cash
Your go-to spot for the latest grants, competitions, and more, that can add some ‘ka-ching!’ to your start up or small business. Let’s dive into the money-grabbing opportunities waiting for you.

🚀 Accelerate My Business

Expert advice, bitesize lessons, trends and inspiring stories are how we keep you moving forward. Let's accelerate your business together.

Hub Marketing - The Ultimate DIY Hack

Lately, I've become OBSESSED with all things Hub Marketing.

Brilliantly explained by Tad Hargrave, Founder of Marketing for Hippies, this approach helps you focus your DIY outreach efforts for ease AND maximised reach.

Check out this bitesize lesson and learn how to make this strategy work for you.

Hub Marketing - The Ultimate DIY Hack
Want to do more with less? Give Hub Marketing a test. Reach more customers through collaboration. Learn how to make this strategy work for you.

The History of Climate Change

Historically, climate change isn't a new concept. The 19th-century scientist, Eunice Newton Foote, an American scientist, inventor, and women's rights campaigner, set the stage.

This observation, though met with skepticism at the time, is the bedrock of our current understanding of human-driven climate change.

Learn why 1.5°C in this bitesize lesson about the history of climate change.

The History of Climate Change and Why 1.5°C Matters
At first glance, 1.5°C might seem negligible. However, in the context of our planet’s climate, it’s a colossal shift with alarming implications.

Struggling to articulate your offer? Watch this...

If you've ever grappled with articulating what exactly it is you're offering, you're not alone. The challenge often lies in crafting an offer that speaks to your unique niche.

📺 Watch the video for an in-depth understanding and real-world examples from two Inspiration Space businesses, Pirus Health and Rebel Patch...

Struggling to articulate your offer? Watch this...
Knowing your niche means understanding who your customers are, what you’re selling, and how you’re selling it. Watch this bitesize lesson and try it for yourself.

BrainGym: Are You Next?

It's been an exhilarating two weeks since BrainGym launched, and the results have been nothing short of transformative.

Led by Caroline Kay, our in-house Positive Intelligence Coach and Founder of Vincita, here's live feedback from Cohort 1:

"I have done my reps for the day 🥳 I had a great realisation, I’m always trying to get my clients out of their head and into their body and this is the perfect practice for that 👌."
"Okay, something weird happened last night. I tend to wake up several times and each time, I would only think of doing a PQ like breathing or hearing far /close sound and hop... Feel calm and sleep again 😲"
"I sold my BIGGEST EVER coaching package! The work I've been doing on my saboteurs meant I didn't undersell myself and I was able to really connect to their problem through better empathy and listening. 🥳"

If you aspire to transcend limitations and venture into uncharted territories, BrainGym Cohort 2 (January 2024) is your next step.

Register before Thursday, 23rd November at 10:00pm GMT to not only secure your spot at a discounted rate of £787 + VAT or 3 x payments of £360 + VAT PLUS a 1:1 private live coaching session with Caroline worth £350.

Brain Gym | Positive Intelligence®️ for Founders
Take your startup to the next level at Inspiration Space. Boost performance and mental wellbeing in just 15-minutes a day. Are you ready? Your OOMPH awaits.